Anasayfa Genel Until the late 20th century, most officers carried 5 or 6 shot

Until the late 20th century, most officers carried 5 or 6 shot

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Valentin replica The firearms carried vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Until the late 20th century, most officers carried 5 or 6 shot revolvers chambered in.38 caliber or.357 Magnum, and Colt or Smith Wesson were the manufacturers of choice. This was mostly because, contrary to what you might think, police departments assumed no familiarity with weapons with their new recruits, and the “wheelgun” was much easier to learn than most semi autos of the day. The long association of revolvers with the police, of course, helped create the Revolvers Are Just Better trope. However, one of the things the Dirty Harry series got right was the rarity of the “most powerful handgun in the world;” most officers saw the increase in firepower of the.44 Magnum as not being worth the vastly increased hand strength and target practice necessary to handle one well Valentin replica.

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