Anasayfa Genel The review by an independent panel

The review by an independent panel

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The first letter of the viewer’s surname would correspond to its numerical equivalent (A 1, B 2, etc.) and whatever prize was on that trilon when it spun around was what the viewer won. Gag prizes and Forfeit One Gift paid Take One Gift awarded and Wild Cards were worth Bonus Space: Wild Cards were the only special space used on every version.

Replica Stella McCartney bags The review of water licences granted under the former CLP government was commissioned by the NT Labor Government and is due to be released today.It says the 5,800 megalitres per year allocated to the MacFarlane family could not have been used given the number of bores on the family’s Stylo station at the time.It says even if seven new bores had been added to the station near Mataranka, they would all need to pump 60 litres of water per second, 24 hours a day, for the full amount to be used.”Given these constraints, it is unclear on what basis it was appropriate to allocate such a large quantity, for a 10 year period, to the applicant,” the report says.The review by an independent panel, chaired by water law expert Megan Dyson, examined 57 water licences granted when the CLP was in government between 2012 and 2016.The report does not recommend any current water licences be revoked but it does find errors in the handling of licence applications and criticises the system brought in under the CLP to calculate sustainable water allocations based on 30 years of data, rather than the full historical record.”The [Water] Controller was not necessarily bound to give any particular weight to commenter concerns about Indigenous access to water resources, or issues about equity more generally,” the report says.”He was, however, obliged to take them into account, and not dismiss them by applying a policy that was not relevant.”Labor promised its review after the allocation of water licences became deeply political during the term of the CLP, which stepped up the distribution of water licences.The issue flared over the 2013 decision to allocate the 5,800 megalitre licence to Ms MacFarlane who at the time was the CLP candidate for the federal seat of Lingiari.The controversial licence, which was more than double most other irrigation licences in the Mataranka region, was granted to Ms MacFarlane for agricultural development.But in 2015, she sold the property to sandalwood company TFS, which is now the struggling company Quintis.Ms MacFarlane denied she sold the property because the water licence increased its value.No evidence of political interferenceDuring its term, the CLP faced constant criticism over the licence allocation to Ms MacFarlane but the report found no evidence of political interference in the allocation of her licence or any others.”There was no suggestion of ministerial interference or ministerial intervention,” the report says.While the report says, “in broad terms” the licences allocated under the CLP met most requirements of the Water Act, it also finds errors in the handling of applications and inconsistencies with the Act.These range from “minor procedural” compliance failures to “significant” issues that may have provided grounds for a challenge.In some cases, applications were “batched” and dealt with as a group, resulting in a mix up over which public comments related to which applications.”This is not consistent with the Act and obscured the decision making process applied to individual licences,” the report says.In the case of Stylo Station, the review says it was not clear if the Water Controller, who signed off on the licence, had taken all relevant factors into account. Replica Stella McCartney bags

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