Anasayfa Genel The pizza is also extremely crispy on the sides

The pizza is also extremely crispy on the sides

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“There’s a full range. Some kids are still pretty shy. This is new to them. My arms are sore from the gym yesterday. Jen and I did tae bo, and we looked out the window to see that there were 3 people watching us punch and kick the air. It was pretty funny.

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While it twice risen here to ensure a thicker slice, our server told us that there is less yeast in the recipe, which makes the pie less doughy and chewier. In fact, it incredibly chewy, which took a little getting used to (I think it the same dough they use to make their superb dense garlic knots). The pizza is also extremely crispy on the sides, in part because it twice baked, but also because Parmesan is added to the crust and the tray, even more so on the edges to really char it up.

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