Anasayfa Genel Numerous witnesses saw Walthers struggling in the river

Numerous witnesses saw Walthers struggling in the river

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canada goose sale outlet KALISPELL Investigators say they believe a Flathead County murder that took place last week was committed because of an inappropriate comment made about the suspect’s girlfriend.Cecil Thomas Rice, 26, is accused of pushing Anthony Andrew Walthers, 34, to his death late last week near Evergreen. Walthers’ body has not been recovered.Rice has been charged with deliberate homicide, while his girlfriend, Heather Joy Meeker, Cheap Canada Goose canada goose outlet 25, is charged with felony tampering with evidence.Court documents reveal details surrounding what exactly happened on the evening of April 26.Law enforcement responded to Holt Stage Road after receiving reports that a man had fallen into the river. Numerous witnesses saw Walthers struggling in the river screaming for help.In follow up interviews, Meeker confirmed to detectives that Rice had pushed Walthers off the bridge. canada goose sale outlet

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