Anasayfa Genel Nazarian, sent a letter of complaint to PJM Interconnection

Nazarian, sent a letter of complaint to PJM Interconnection

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Fake Designer Bags Maryland’s Public Service Commission objected Wednesday to “clandestine” negotiations over a possible change in electricity bidding rules in the Mid Atlantic region, saying states and their consumer advocates had been left out of discussions on a proposal that could drive up prices and hurt reliability.Among those states is Pennsylvania. Nazarian, sent a letter of complaint to PJM Interconnection which runs the regional grid and the grid’s independent market monitor. He said PJM facilitated, and both parties participated in, “a secret and exclusionary negotiation” over electricity auctions.”I’m not sure why they would have a stakeholder process that wouldn’t include at least those states that are most affected,” said Sonny Popowsky, head of Pennsylvania’s Office of the Consumer Advocate.The PJM auctions, held to ensure there is enough power to meet demand, set a price that eventually feeds into consumers’ electricity bills in Maryland, Pennsylvania and a dozen other Knockoff Bags states Fake Designer Bags.

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