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I wouldn be pessimistic on that front at the moment but I

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But in later counting, Labor had slipped back.”There a high probability Labor won get to 47 and they going to fall short,” ABC election analyst Antony Greens said around 9.30pm.Former Queensland ALP state secretary Anthony Lynham hadn given up on Labor getting over the line.”I still think there is enough seats in play for us to get there. I wouldn be pessimistic on that front at the moment but I would probably say it is looking less likely to know the result tonight,” he told the ABC.The rural conservative Katter Australian Party looks like it will return its two MPs Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth.Independent Sandra Bolton has upset the major parties by winning Noosa.One Nation has yet to pick up a seat, but it in with a chance of winning the marginal Labor seat of Mirani between Rockhampton and Mackay in central Queensland.At least three LNP frontbenchers shadow treasurer Scott Emerson in Maiwar and shadow attorney general Ian Walker in Mansfield, and resources spokesman Andrew Cripps in Hinchinbrook are in real trouble.LNP leader Tim Nicholls has retained his seat of Clayfield, but he suffered a swing of 4.2 per cent against him.Premier Palaszczuk has also held her seat of Inala, recording a big of 6.6 per cent swing in her favour.Deputy Premier Jackie Trad who had been under pressure has claimed victory in South Brisbane, but her margin of 14.2 per cent was savaged by Greens Amy MacMahon.Mr Emerson, the LNP shadow treasurer, is hoping pre polling votes will get him across the line in the inner western Brisbane seat but he is trying to fend off the Greens and Labor.”I think it will be a tough fight. We are still in it. We are not giving up anything at the moment,” he told the ABC.Former Labor minister Leanne Donaldson is likely to lose in Bundaberg to the LNP.One Nation state leader and LNP defector Steve Dickson has lost his seat of Buderim, while former senator Malcolm Roberts said his bid to win Ipswich was over.”It is disappointing that we are not going to win, but I feel very encouraged especially by the support that people of Ipswich have given me on the streets,” he told the ABC.Federal party leader Pauline Hanson, who was the face of the One Nation campaign in the election, has hopes for Maryborough, Callide, Burnett and Hervey Bay.

The Abridged Series: First part of the first and only episode is right here. “Sage’s Mental Notes” is not quite an Abridged Series, but very funny. dutchmcgee101’s “Alternate Ronin Warriors” is not quite an abridged series in the strictest sense, but it is worth a look. Accent Adaptation: Rowen, who is from Osaka, is given a New York dialect in the TV series. When Bandai dubbed the first OVA, his new voice actor dropped the dialect altogether. (Several years had passed between the original dubbing and the OVA dubbing, though.) Cye has a British English accent to emphasize his polite nature. Alien Sky: Talpa/Arago’s castle looms in the sky over Tokyo, surrounded by greenish Ominous Clouds. Those clouds seem to follow the antagonists wherever they go. The sky in the Netherworld is a golden nebula scape, one of many signs that our heroes are not in Kansas anymore. While general information about the characters can be found on the Internet, good luck finding translations of the novels that feature the actual stories about the warriors’ home lives. All Your Powers Combined: The Ronin Warriors form the Inferno Armor by lending Ryo the energy of their elemental armors. This usually causes them to transform back to the less powerful “underarmor” forms powerful because each of the warriors has shown some kind of superhuman ability while in that state. Ambiguously Gay: The Warlord Sekhmet/Naaza shows signs of this, though the show never draws attention to it. Not only is Sekhmet the name of a goddess, but his “snake like” physical traits include large eyes with pink shadowed lids. A lot of his taunts towards the heroes tend to be a bit suggestive. Sekhmet: Feel my venom, biting into your flesh.

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