Anasayfa İngilizce Furkan Education and Service Foundation | Sayı 75

Furkan Education and Service Foundation | Sayı 75

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Thus, the Qur’an must be the number one book that every Muslim reads and gets most out of that book. No book has to be given priority over the Qur’an and Hadith.

Sheikh Alparslan KUYTUL

Furkan Education and Service Foundation was established on 22.11.1994. Since then it has been consistently involved in the community and educational work. Having been initiated by Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul, the root of this movement dates back to the early 1980’s. The movement grew as a result of Alparslan Kuytul’s efforts and the emphasis he has been placing on Islam, Islamic sciences, and his active presence in Islamic services during his high school years. His efforts flourished as the Furkan Foundation in 1994. The main objective of the foundation is to prepare a leading generation that has reached genuine Imaan, that is firm in its worship, and that leads an ethical struggle to give sovereignty and right to legislate back to Allah (c.c).
Having branches in more than 35 cities of Turkey and overseas, The Furkan Foundation provides help to families in financial need and scholarships to students. The foundation frequently hosts panels like Tafseer and seerah lessons. The movement tries to develop authentic Islamic reasoning in the masses by holding lectures, fund raising, tours, publishing articles, community events, brotherhood nights and other social services.


First of all, it should be known that Islamic understanding and structuring must be RABBANI (divine; which belongs to Allah). Such a movement cannot invent its own methodology nor can it compromise from the deen. It must adopt the Qur’an and Sunnah as its guide and must serve Islam in a way that is described by Allah (c.c) and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The movement must also be tolerant on matters that aren’t concrete and subject to difference of opinion.

Secondly, since Islam has a SCIENTIFIC understanding and structuring, the movement must place great importance not only on natural sciences but also on Islamic sciences and must regard science as its compass. The reputation of those that are touted as scholars is a requirement for the representatives of the Ummah. The foundation tries to instil these two skills to diligent and talented men and woman. Not placing importance on Islamic sciences, deviation from the Qur’an and Sunnah and from the right path, brings with itself the normalisation of things that are haram over time.

And thirdly, Islamic understanding and reasoning must be COMPREHENSIVE. These are all the intellectual nutrients from the Qur’an that humans need. The Holy Qur’an has provided all the necessities such as Imaan, prayer, ethics, jihad, muhabbettullah (the love of Allah) and instructed to absorb them as a whole. Therefore, getting only a few of these necessities will lead deterioration of the Muslim character and will weaken the Muslims. Thus, the Qur’an must be the number one book that every Muslim reads and gets most out of that book. No book has to be given priority over the Qur’an and Hadith.

The Furkan Foundation has been introducing a divine, scientific and Comprehensive approach to form a leading generation since 1994.

“But those who struggle in Our cause, surely We shall guide them in Our ways; and God is with the good-doers” [Quran 29:69]

“There will always be a group in my Ummah that will fight according to the order of Allah, victorious over their enemies and there will be no harm on them from their detractors until the hour comes and they will be triumphant” – Muslim, Sahih (1924).

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