Anasayfa Genel Brand Name Takeover: Malachite’s phone is an EVO 4G

Brand Name Takeover: Malachite’s phone is an EVO 4G

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Bilingual Bonus: Instead of actual Elvish, the Nostalgia Chick speaks a mixture of several foreign languages, such as Hindi and Irish. What she’s actually saying doesn’t match up to the subtitles. For instance, when she says “P mo th (Irish) in response to Benzaie’s Conan speech, it’s subtitled as “It’s cool,” but she’s actually saying “Kiss my ass.” Averted, one line she speaks is English and is a lyric from “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies. She misquotes the BNL line (Chikiti China, not Chikiti Chinese), though. And at another point, she utters “who’s your daddy” over and over real fast. Also averted whenever she attacks with an Elvish Montage, at which point she starts spouting pure gibberish or quoting things. Though one of those included a a line from a song in Slumdog Millionaire. MarzGurl is speaking real and (sort of) accurate Japanese. Bittersweet Ending: Malachite was defeated and the glove was probably destroyed. but Ma Ti died saving everyone. However, there is a Sequel Hook in the end that the Critic will pull another zany quest, this time to look for the legendary Necronomicon to revive Ma Ti. The extras and To Boldly Flee make it more of a Downer Ending. Malachite is still alive (if powerless), the quest for the Necronomicon failed and left Critic in even more denial of Ma Ti’s death, Mechakara found the glove, something turned Ma Ti into a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, and his fight with Malachite caused a rip in time. Black and Gray Morality: The reviewers are far from true heroes. Jaffers is a Well Intentioned Extremist, and his friends are just trying to help him. The main villain, however, is truly evil. Book Ends: The lure of a free car. In Part 1, Ma Ti surprises the Critic by appearing in his room from out of nowhere. Linkara does the same thing at the end before singing about Ma Ti. Bill’s music at the very beginning is an instrumental version of Sad Panda’s “Flight of Fantasy”, which plays over the credits. The quest both begins and ends with somebody fetching The Nostalgia Critic a coffee Not only does the quest for the gauntlet end on the same field where it began, but the film’s sequel does as well. In a more humorous example, the blooper reel begins and ends (and is occasionally interrupted by) takes of Angry Joe’s Big “NO!”. Brand Name Takeover: Malachite’s phone is an EVO 4G, but the Critic calls it an iPhone as that has become basically synonymous with smartphones. Breaking the Fellowship: At the very beginning, no less. Brick Joke: “Hypnotize them with its cheap novelty?”, about the supposed uselessness of JewWario’s juggling trick with the Fushigi Ball in part 2.

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