Anasayfa Genel A fost Gautier care a inventat prima fraza “arta de dragul

A fost Gautier care a inventat prima fraza “arta de dragul

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This is a sub trope of the Foil. Compare the more PSA oriented version of this character as a device, the Anti Role Model, where the character’s purpose is to be an example of what the people in the audience aren’t supposed to do. Often a trait of the Card Carrying Villain. The Wrong Way in the Right Way/Wrong Way Pair may be this, especially if the “right” and “wrong” ways are being contrasted morally. See also Black and Gray Morality and A Lighter Shade of Black.

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Replica Valentino bags Colile istoric de art, de asemenea, au fost n urma preceptele orice academic de art. Cu toate acestea, a fost n secolul al XIX lea c conflictul dintre dou special coli de gndire a ieit n aer liber. Patronii de tradiie “art pentru art pe dragul” afar pe bun dreptate a negat orice rol de instruire n opere de art. Mai trziu, acolo a aprut o nou coal de gndire, cu patronii afirmnd credina lor n instruirea ca motivul principal de o oper de art. A fost Gautier care a inventat prima fraza “arta de dragul artei n secolul al XIX lea, astfel de sondare lui protest mpotriva principiilor de avocai Ruskin i Comunist al realismului socialist de credina lor n scop didactic de art. Replica Valentino bags

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